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TeamTrade is a brand new way for AFL and NRL fans to engage with the sports they love. We are a virtual stock market that allows you to buy and sell virtual shares in your favourite sporting teams, in order to build a sporting empire. And the best part… it’s free to play, so there’s no financial risk!

Every investor on TeamTrade buys shares from the same central source of shares. There will only be a maximum of 60,000 shares available per team. Once you’ve signed up you can join one of TeamTrade’s public leagues or invite your friends, family and colleagues to join you in a private league. Everyone in that league will have a portfolio specific to that league (for instance, if you are part of two leagues, you will have two portfolios, each specific to their respective leagues). You will be competing with those in your league to make the most money within the season.

  1. Footy tipping looks at a week-to-week result of any individual teams, whereas TeamTrade is focused on the full season performance of that team. 
  2. We have all been there… how frustrating is it when you forget to put a week of footy tips in and your season is over. With TeamTrade, if you forget your week, no problem! Your portfolio is still there and may actually have gone up in value!

TeamTrade is a completely different concept! We are specifically designed to be an alternative to gambling. Although we all love the thrill of the punt, the problem we identified with gambling is that over time, the user always loses (in fact, the gambling companies make more profit the more their customers lose). With TeamTrade, you’re not betting on the outcome of a single game, so if your team loses, you don’t lose everything.

At the moment, you can trade in NRL and AFL. Are you a fan of another sport? Not to worry, we are looking to expand our offering in the near future. Stay tuned for updates.

Absolutely not! In fact, we want people of all levels of expertise to use TeamTrade. Love the colour or name of a team? Invest in it. Know the game well enough to know each player (even their dog’s name!)? Back your knowledge and invest in them.

This is a great question. To be honest, it’s different for every type of investor. Maybe you’re only interested in owning your favourite team and will pay anything for them. Maybe you want to only earn lots of dividends and will value the teams that are winning higher than those that aren’t. We want you to be you… play the game, test what works and what doesn’t for your unique investment strategy. Although, our advice is to test a few different valuation strategies to see what works best for you. 

If you’re still lost, not worry, look for the “estimated fair value” number which will give you an indication of what we think the teams are valued at.

Every time a team wins, you earn dividends in the form of TeamTrade Coins. Each share will be entitled to 5c every time their team wins. For example, say you own 100 shares in the Sydney Swans and they win a game, you will receive $5. You can then invest your TeamTrade Coins to buy more shares and build your portfolio.

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