The AFL and NRL trading game

Trade virtual shares in AFL and NRL teams with friends family and colleagues, to build your sporting empire.

Sick of supporting from the sidelines?

Play TeamTrade and feel part of the elite club of sports team ownership.

TeamTrade is different to your average footy tipping, fantasy football, sports betting or punting experiences.

We provide you with the ability to feel like a team owner as you experience the thrill of buying and selling shares in your favourite AFL and NRL teams.

Earn income when your team wins on and off the field.

Each time your team wins a game, you get paid a dividend. The teams that win the most pay the most dividends, which means you earn more TeamTrade Coin.

We are always looking at ways to make the experience better for our customers. We are currently in the process of adding other fan experience metrics to influence dividend payments (social media interaction, fan attendance etc.) 

Use your earnings to buy shares in other teams and build your sports ownership empire.

As you earn more TeamTrade coin, you have more ability to buy into the AFL and NRL teams you want in your portfolio.

Own the teams with the highest winning potential to earn more TeamTrade Coin, and re-invest that coin for growth.

Register now and receive tt$5,000 in your portfolio to invest​

TeamTrade Explained in a quick video

Playing is easy


Join a league, or create one with your friends, family and colleagues.


Buy and sell virtual shares in sports teams to build your sporting empire.


Earn TeamTrade Coins each time a team in your portfolio wins, and reinvest those coins to grow your portfolio


Count your winnings and flex your knowledge by earning more than everyone else.

Still have questions?

Register now and receive tt$5,000 in your portfolio to invest

Register now and receive tt$5,000 in your portfolio to invest.